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Cellulite is commonly known as that dimpled or lumpy skin that some individuals experience on their thighs, hips and buttocks.  This common condition rarely affects men but can be found in almost 90% of women over the age of 20.  Beneath the outer layers of skin lies a layer of fatty connective tissue; the tissue design for women is very different than that of men which is why cellulite affects more women than men.  Body liquids work to effectively circulate and remove waste products from the area but when this system is not working properly (mainly due to water retention), waste begins to build up and the connective tissue stretches, hardens and thickens.  This tissue hardening traps excess fat cells and causes the bumpy, dimply appearance that is most often associated with cellulite.

At the Buffalo Cellulite Reduction Center we take the removal of unwanted cellulite very seriously.  For this reason, we offer patients a multitude of ways to restore their tighter, smoother skin.  We offer clients over the counter cellulite reduction methods such as green tea and cellulite reduction creams because we feel that these methods, in conjunction with clinical cellulite reduction treatments can provide more successful, longer lasting results. Green tea anti-oxidants and cellulite creams circulation benefits can help to continue the natural eradication of excess waste from the body between cellulite treatments.  The cellulite reduction results can’t be compared.

While over the counter methods can provide some results, it was only with the introduction of laser cellulite reduction treatments that lasting results have been experienced.  Non-invasive laser treatments are the newest technology for the temporary reduction in the visible appearance of cellulite and you can find two of the most advanced treatments here at the Buffalo Cellulite Reduction Center.  Laser cellulite treatments employ innovative technology that works to restore normal balance to both inner and outer layers of skin.  These treatments works to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite through the combination of mechanical massage, vacuum suction, localized cooling and non-invasive laser stimulation.

The most advanced technology available for lasting cellulite reduction can be found in two laser cellulite reduction treatments: VelaShape™ and SmoothShapes®. VelaShape is a technologically advanced laser cellulite reduction treatment, and is the only method approved by the FDA for circumferential reduction and lasting cellulite reduction results.  Those who are fighting the good fight against cellulite but can’t seem to see lasting results with diet and exercise alone, our laser cellulite treatments may be just what you need.

Our innovative cellulite reduction technology utilizes deep laser action in order to enhance microcirculation.  VelaShape and SmoothShapes work to stimulate action within the subcutaneous layers of tissue in order to break apart hardened connective tissue and remove excess fat.  A series of treatments can enhance overall body contour and a significantly reduce the the visible appearance of cellulite.  At the Buffalo Cellulite Reduction Center, our cellulite treatments are painless and work much more effectively than traditional cellulite treatments.  All our patients are left with is smooth, cellulite free skin that lasts.

Depending on the severity of each patient’s unwanted cellulite, one of our two treatments will be better suited for you.  While VelaShape and SmoothShapes are somewhat different, they both are designed to target and treat specific types of cellulite; the treatment used will be based on each individuals needs.  Visit the Buffalo Cellulite Reduction Center today and set up your free and confidential consultation.  Our on-site registered nurse will review the areas you are looking to have treated and will advise you on which of our cellulite reduction treatments will be the best course of action.  Make your unwanted cellulite a thing of the past and visit our center today!

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