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Buffalo Cellulite Reduction has always been a leader using the latest and best technology for our customers. Today is no different; we have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use the Zerona ® laser system to help you lose as much as five inches of fat from your body. After several incredible research studies, the FDA saw that participants lost up to five inches over two weeks of laser sessions with the Zerona® system.

The thought of lasers being used on your body may frighten you, but Zerona ® won't. It uses five keenly placed "cold lasers" in an around the target area within twelve inches of your body. You than lie down comfortably with your protective glasses on and let the lasers do their thing. After 20 minutes, you will flip over to lie on your stomach and the lasers will run over your body for another 20 minutes. The sessions only last 40 minutes and do not have any adverse effects on you, with the exception of your body losing weight. There is no pain involved in this procedure. It's true; there are no surgeries to go through, bandages to wear or lotions to put on it. You just come into Buffalo Cellulite Reduction, have your session and go on with your usual activities for the day.

How it works is that the laser contact the body's cells in the targeted area and tells them to get rid of the adipose tissue in that area. The lasers cause a transitory pore that the fat goes through and winds up in the lymphatic system. From there, the lymphatic system sends it to the circulatory system where the fat is disposed of as waste from the body.

You will have to prepare your body for the process by taking a supplement and drinking 64 ounces of water. You will also need to drink green tea and start a low saturated fat diet. This plan will need to be followed in order for the sessions to be as productive as possible. The whole process takes about four weeks. The first week is to take measurements and waiting for the nutritional component to kick in. The second and third weeks are the six sessions lasting forty minutes. The fourth week is to check measurements and see how your weight loss is going. It is vitally important that you keep all scheduled appointments during weeks two and three. The transitory pore will be affected if you miss a treatment during this time. It will greatly impact your ability to shed the most fat as well.

Buffalo Cellulite Reduction wants you to take this opportunity to improve your life by jumpstarting a weight loss program or just trying to trim off that last few inches from your waist, thighs, arms or face. Zerona® is so much safer than gastric bypass or liposuction because there are no needles or scalpels involved. Don't wait to make this life changing event stop by, call, or email us at Buffalo Cellulite Reduction to talk to our staff about getting you started.

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